Debra Hadsall is the creator of the Financial Freedom Party for Woman® a fun, effective, and radically different financial literacy tool for girls and women.

She is the author of a book by the same title.  The book addresses women’s financial management needs through an intrinsically female approach which is for women and created by women.  The Financial Freedom Party for Women is the innovative tool she used to build her securities, insurance, and financial advisory business in the Denver, Colorado area.

The founder of FitFrog Foundation, Mary Claire Friesema, was part of a small team of business women who supported development of Financial Freedom Party because of their recognition of the need for financial literacy for girls and women.

Debra’s volunteer work revolves around the needs of all income levels, including those who are from inter-generational poverty lower and middle income.  In 2009 while living in a small coastal town in Texas, she founded a volunteer led and staffed, group mentoring and life skills activity for teenage girls at the local high school where the students are predominately Hispanic.  Most of the students experience poverty and are immigrants or first generation Americans. The mentors are adult volunteers. 

The concern of that local community was the high teen pregnancy rate in the state and an even higher one in the local community. FitFrog Foundation funded a short-term after school yoga activity for the girls at Debra’s request.

 The mentoring activity continues today and Debra has been instrumental in starting a similar activity for middle school students in Hill Country of Texas, where she currently resides.

Prior to her financial services career, Debra attended Kansas State University and graduated later in life from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.  She had a 20 year career as a civilian employee of the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Department of Defense and is a graduate of executive development programs for two different services. The last ten years of her civilian career she worked as a Program Manager, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (formerly Air Force Finance and Accounting Center, a government headquarters organization). Her work involved strategic management and enterprise-wide change management.