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Fitnesss and Nutrition Services for Women in Crisis

FitFrog provides fitness and nutrition training to women who are already engaged in a self-improvement program, including (but not limited to) domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, and substance abuse recovery programs.  Why?  Because clients’ increased strength and fitness in their bodies translates into increased self-awareness and confidence, which, in turn, is applied to all other efforts in their lives to heal and transition into self-sufficiency.   
Once an individual feels strong, they ARE strong.

How you can help


FitFrog Foundation, Inc. is FitFrog Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Public Charity.
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Fitness & Nutrition

Personal empowerment and responsibility are key to the success of this program. 

How does one say
“Thank you”?

I still find it hard to believe that I became a victim of domestic violence. Where did I lose myself along the way?

Through the generosity of the FIT FROG FOUNDATION . . .  I am becoming stronger. I am working on regaining my physical strength, while working on regaining my inner strength. Some of the perks of self-improvement – fewer pounds, less cellulite, toned muscles and most important self-worth.

Thank you FIT FROG . . .  for your part in helping me put the joy back in my step and the song in my heart.


Once an individual feels strong,
they ARE strong.

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