About FitFrog

Once an individual feels strong, they ARE strong.
Our Story


FitFrog provides fitness and nutrition training to women who are already engaged in a self-improvement program, including (but not limited to) domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, and substance abuse recovery programs.  Why?  Because clients’ increased strength and fitness in their bodies translates into increased self-awareness and confidence, which, in turn, is applied to all other efforts in their lives to heal and transition into self-sufficiency.   Once an individual feels strong, they ARE strong.

The development of the training curriculum and the training itself,  is done by certified athletic trainers who meet a rigid criteria established by FitFrog Foundatin, Inc.’s Board of Directors.  The criteria are based on a commitment to an approach of teaching that incorporates not only the foundational fitness and nutrition requirements for healthy living, but one that views each individual as a valuable asset to our society and capable of living a productive, healthy life.  Personal empowerment and responsibility are key to the success of this program. 

Initial FFF efforts have taken place in Colorado, Texas, and Wisconsin.  Where opportunity and needs arise elsewhere, FFF will go to other areas of the country and assist other non-profit organizations.

Fund raising is accomplished through athletic competitions in the community.  Funds are also raised by word-of-mouth, speaking engagements, and various mail solicitations of family, friends and professional associates.  Additionally, applications for applicable local, state, and federal grants will be completed and submitted.